Finding your voice – with a mule

Make marketing count. Use creative give-a-ways!

Many times you have a voice but you don’t know how to project it.

We found a way to do that with our Brew Bros Coffee brand and our Gelato Brothers brand. We are using stickers, pins and coasters with different parts of out brand on them. We have made a “mascot” of a little Vespa Italian Scooter so we contacted Sticker Mule about making a pin for customers to remember our little scooter. These can be used for bookbags, jackets, lanyards, work aprons or whatever the Gelato Brothers peep wants to put it on.

Next we placed an order for some coasters with our Brew Bros Coffee Bean logo on them. This is a great way to have your brand “laying around” the house and a reminder to “come back soon”.

What ever your mascot or logo is, consider putting it on some sort of collectable like a sticker, or pin. We have always enjoyed working with for our items like this.

The next time you need items like this give them a try. The website is built for total mobile friendliness and they have great customer service. See our little Brew Bros Coffee collectible pins below. This was an order a few months ago from Sticker Mule.

Keep in mind one of our common hashtags #MakeFriends . Try to do this everyday, even with your vendors!

Cheers! Your Brew Bros Coffee Team.