Coffee fans of the world can unite around our organic line of whole bean coffees from our dark espresso roast to our medium roast Farm Girl line we have the bases covered.

Our medium roast whole bean blend – Farm Girl
For a darker richer flavor in your morning brew try our Milkhouse Blend. – Medium Dark Roast.
Espresso Dark Roast Organic Beans - All beans are small batch roasted here in Knoxville, Tn
Espresso Dark Roast Organic Beans – All beans are small batch roasted here in Knoxville, Tn
Decaf by way of a natural water process is available in our dark espresso bean without the jitters.

Small Batch Coffee

Welcome to our trademark line of coffee called Brew Bros.  This is the official line of small batch roasted whole bean coffee of our Gelato Brothers gelato shops.

We feel that small batch roasting beans (under 20lbs at a time) is a key to having accurate roasting and consistency in every brew.   When we roast it is a small event meant to produce the best quality you can find.

We ship our delicious beans anywhere in the USA for free.  Consider our coffee as a great gift idea with a good story of Tennessee farm life in the USA.


About & Sourcing

Some folks may not know that Gelato Brothers came to life because of our love of gelato during summer trips to Europe with the family. Our favorite experiences have to be the gelato bars in Greece. Although our travels brought us to love gelato, we didn’t want to forget our roots either. We live on a 30-acre farm in East Tennessee that was a working dairy operation back in the mid-twentieth century. To pay homage to this history, we’ve named our coffees for the classic American farm operations of the 1950s.

What makes our Brew Bros coffee line of organic beans special?  We at Gelato Brothers are passionate about the Farm to Cup element of our method.  This means we are sourcing direct from the beans in the field through a single source importer broker to a trusted and experienced 20lb small roaster/packer & fresh ground in our shops.  Most brands & especially coffee shops don’t take this much effort & knowledge of sourcing.  We also don’t stockpile beans.  We order in fresh beans each week to our roaster for orders.  This keeps a fresher product without a need for nitro flushing.

Shawn & Priscilla Wilmoth traveled the world to find great desserts and coffees and now offers them in America.


Feel free to contact us anytime about bulk orders via 12 pack cases or even pallet sized orders.  While most folks order our single 1lb bag,  We also offer a 5lb bag for our restaurant customers or our heavy home users.

Shawn and Priscilla Wilmoth